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Halley is much more than a party, Halley represents a different way of living and feeling electronic music, with an unique style full of personality that acts as its authentic gravitational axis. Living up to its name, Halley is far from being static and fearing the movement, the absolut dynamism is its own thing, and because of this it’s usual seeing it orbit around different venues and clubs in the country, without never losing an ounce of its identity. Halley always surrounds itself with its essential fellows of route during its journeys. On one hand, the Funktion One sound, authentic flag of the brand that also acts as a presentation card helping to dissipate any doubt: there is only one thing that concerns Halley and that is to offer the best musical quality to its audience beginning with the sound. On the other hand, a special decoration and illumination montage based on a complex LED lighting scheme, which ends to build its iconic image. And leading the ship, a cared and thoughtful line-up that leaves no margin for errors in which we can find huge national talents to whom Halley reserves always a special place to deliver their best sets.