DJ, pianist, composer and singer

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Even before starting formal training, at 6 years old, Lola Bozzano was already composing and improvising.”. She graduated in piano in the Professional Conservatory of Music, winning multiple awards, including both first and second prizes at the National competition “Premios Intercentros de España. As she completed her studies, Lola kept honing her voice, composing songs and got to record her first single (Mi Paraíso) at Metropolis Studios (London).

Due to her devoted character and never ending interest, she curated her own musical taste that lays in all her sets. Lola brings electronic&techno sounds, combined with an unstoppable grove and pulse.
She devotes herself to her audience every single time. No matter the when, or the where, Lola adapts and explodes what each culture has to offer: Jordan, Beirut, Marrakech, Dakar, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, London, Vienna, Marbella, Madrid, Ibiza… have been some of her playgrounds.

Her domain at the piano, combined with her deep but delicate voice, merge together an original performance that sets her apart. Her DJ Sets Live, with Piano and Voice, are a layer of freshness that many brands have chosen to lift their presence.